Decedent desserts and colorful confections are the heart any party. Baked goods ranging from the sweet cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, pies to the savory pizzas, patties, croissants, etc. are the ultimate snack and comfort food. Eating on-the-go in today’s busy schedule has become the norm. And what better way to eat while on the move then to grab a baked goods which are non-greasy, do not drip and usually available in bite-sized portions.

But simply having an excellent tasting and good-looking delicacy is not enough. What consumers want nowadays are a complete package. The edible items must be perfect from the inside out. Meaning they must be packaged properly and in a presentable manner so as to grab attention. It is a known fact that you eat with your eyes first, the smell, the taste, even the touch are all secondary sensations. And what better way to please the eyes then to have well-designed customized boxes. Customized bakery boxes are food-safe making them perfect for holding edible items. Aside from customizing the dimensions according to the product inside, there are an array of styles to choose from. Gable boxes, die-cut boxes, simple retail boxes, envelope boxes, cake boxes and many more. The styles are unlimited and with the unique design of each product the possibilities are endless.

Inserts to keep bakery items in place, especially when a package holds multiple items, are necessary as well. Just like the actual boxes, inserts come in a number of different shapes depending upon the product. Cake pop inserts are a sheet of cardboard with holes cut out to hold in place the cake pop sticks, similarly cupcakes can be separated by having compartments within the boxes so different flavors do not mix. Inserts lessen the possibility of a mess and organize the products inside a box. Increasingly fashionable are acrylic boxes which are completely see-through enabling customers to have a good look at the products and be tempted by them. A paper card sleeve can be added to these acrylic boxes to contain the design which could include the logos, the ingredients, the calorie information and other such important details.

Another trend within the baked goods packaging industry is the use of Kraft stock. Kraft stock is made from recycled material and is not only environmentally-friendly but also gives a natural and organic feel, which especially desirable or products that are made from organic ingredients or are gluten-free and son on. They also give a homemade vibe which consumers prefer. Addition of a cellophane window means even if you are not opting for the acrylic boxes you can still display the goods inside clearly for the customers to tempt over. These boxes can have elaborate designs with laser-cut filigree art to spot UV to enhance certain aspects of the design. Beautifully ornate boxes can be used to gift baked items directly and can double as gift boxes which is why makers of baked items need to invest in their box designs.

Over time more and more emphasis on the packaging of products has meant that greater attention and resources need to be placed into the decision regarding the boxes they come in. Bakery items are no different and, in fact, require even more thought into the boxes they are placed in since they are used as gift items quite often.

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