Cosmetics are one of the most versatile items, with products ranging from the slender lipstick bullets to the flat and wide eye shadow palettes. The types of products within this range are unlimited. In the recent years the trend has been not only towards developing new products but also developing new types of packaging to enhance the overall look of the product.

Cosmetics that look like candy or animals are all quite common now. With companies vying for customers’ attention not just by coming up with new and improved formulas for their cosmetics, but also by the outside packaging it is no surprise that the box itself plays an important role. The humble box has come into the spotlight due to its significance as a marketing tool. Gone are the days when consumers simply bought what was available. In a day an age where an average customer is exposed to a multitude of different brands, literally thousands upon thousands, every aspect of the products needs to be perfect. Some consumers may be put off by the texture of lipstick, or how their foundation smells like. Considering that consumers have become increasingly nuanced in their buying habits, companies need to cater accordingly.

Which is where the importance of the box comes in. It is the first thing a customer sees since it encases the mascara tube, liner, blush, eye shadow palette etc. The box with an attractive customized design presents a good first impression. It is what makes the customer pay attention to the product inside. This is the reason why so much detail goes into the design of the box. Boxes for cosmetic products vary quite a lot as there are so many different kinds of products for the face, lips, eyes etc. Depending upon the shape and size of the cosmetic product inside, the size and style of box is determined. Lipsticks boxes, for instance, usually are retail style and generally have a standard size, though some companies have come up with innovative containers for their lipsticks which means the boxes for those are anything but standard. The next step is the design, which needs to be creative and reflective of the brand it represents. If a company has a certain color scheme or a logo it or anything that sets it apart, then the packaging must incorporate those elements since they are associated with the brand. Just the packaging will tell a customer from a far that these products belong to the same brand. This sort of recognition is vital as loyal seems to be high in the cosmetic industry. Women may try out a new product or two but they are generally loyal to a foundation or a gloss or a blush which they use regularly.

Finally, aside from being nicely designed, the boxes must also be practical. They must be functional and protect the product inside. Lamination is also an integral part of the design since it keeps the box material safe and presents a clean finish. Customized boxes require a lot of thought and hard work, but ultimately the pay off in the form of a loyal customer base is worth the effort.

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