The cosmetic industry has really boomed over the past few years. Make-up is no longer a luxury. It is an essential part of the overall look, especially for a lot of working women. So, with the trend towards increased cosmetics ownership by customers, firms in the industry have tried to keep up with the changing times.

One technique has been to constantly launch new collections. Fresh set of cosmetic products, many of them following the current trends or keeping in with the season, pop up every few months. The influx of so much make-up has flooded make-up counters and drug stores. Women now have so much to choose from.

The need to stand out:

This has also meant that the competition is getting more and more cut throat. Every cosmetic company wants to stand out and set itself apart. Getting consumers to notice your brand can be a challenge. Yet the most effective way has to do with the presentation. Forget the formula, the colors, the finish, it is the packaging and how it is presented that counts. In the shop, where cosmetic brands are juxtaposed with competing brands a customized make-up display is a necessity. Packaging and display racks are not something extra, they are part of the whole experience. Cosmetic displays are the only way to gain customers’ attention.

The perfect display boxes:

A beautiful and attractive display has the effect of pulling the customers’ towards the product. Cosmetic displays and make-up display racks are becoming more and more elaborate and detailed.

Cosmetic display packaging on shop counters should be made based on the following factors:

  • The make-up display should be of an appropriate size: Make-up displays should have a customized size. They should fit the space provided. A too big or too small display rack will only be distract from the actual product. An awkward size will never do you any good.
  • Make a cosmetic display rack which is consistent with the brand and the products: the cosmetic display racks should be reflective of the brand as well as the products. A spring collection should be displayed in a rack which has bright spring colors, while a holiday collection needs to have the festive colors and the imagery related to holidays.
  • Should represent the brand: The brand identity needs to be clearly communicated with the customers. Customers will only get a feel for what a brand stands for if it cohesively sends a unified message. A brand may have a fun and friendly image, or a sophisticated one.
  • Display racks should be built sturdily: Since cosmetic display boxes and racks need to hold products like lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, bronzers, etc. they need to be made out of strong and sturdy material. A flimsy display made out of thin material will be completely useless as it will not hold the products in place.
  • Make-up display boxes need to have a complementary finish: Finish of display boxes should complement the products inside. Matte liquid lipsticks or a matte finish setting spray should have a matte finish box, while glossy cosmetic products should have a glossy finish.

Final Word:

Ultimately, the best way to create the perfect display box is to pay attention detail and define your target audience. Once the profile of the potential customers is, the design of the custom display box can be such that it will create the greatest impact.

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