Popcorn boxes have become increasingly popular among retailers. The minimalistic and clean design they offer means that they are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of different purposes. Aside from the obvious use of being used to contain popcorn, these boxes can be used from all kinds of foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs as well.

Customized popcorn boxes are very cheap and simple to assemble which has made them quite common and widespread within the packaging industry. Popcorn boxes require less cardstock in their construction, and this reduced material translates into a reduced price for the producers. Whether the cardboard is 16 pt card stock or 18 pt card stock, the humble popcorn box is cheaper in price as compare to the retail style. Any kind of design, from the simple one color on just the outside to the full color printing inside and out. The choice is varied to suit every kind of need. New technology has even enabled the use of Pantone color matching, which means that absolutely any color can now be printed. Apart from color a variety of other options, in terms of the designing of the box, are also available. Foiling in every color, not just silver and gold, is a good way to enhance the design further and give a rich look. Embossing and debossing combined with foiling is also becoming widely used in box designs as it adds an extra layer of depth to the overall design and outlook of the box. Even a box as ordinary as a popcorn box can be transformed completely using an attractive design.

This leads us to the lamination, which not only functions as a protective layer and keeps the card stock safe, but also adds to the design. Matt lamination gives a sophisticated look, whereas a glossy lamination makes the design pop. Spot UV can also be utilized to highlight specific aspects of the design, like the logo or the brand name. One of the most defining features of the popcorn box is the fact that these can be made food safe easily by adding a layer of lamination on the inside surface of the box. Lamination will keep the product contained inside the box safe and hygienically clean. In addition to that it can prevents the grease from seeping to the cardstock and making the box greasy. This means that the box is not impaired in any way as the lamination protects it. So anything from candy, to churros, and chips can be contained in popcorn boxes. They are perfect for packaging snacks which can be eaten on the go as no lid or cover is present which may hamper the movement of the hand.

Finally, cardboard packaging is much more superior to the plastic packaging being environmentally-safe and friendly to nature. Not only is paper bio-degradable but also recyclable. With increased awareness and a move towards more socially responsible marketing, many businesses have switched to paper packaging and away from plastic packaging.

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