Software are what can rightly be regarded as the brains of the computer. It is an intangible yet necessary component of the computer systems without which nothing is possible. Want to make a report or a presentation, you need a software. Want to edit a photograph or play a game, again you need a software. Thus software is available for several applications.

All sorts of software are readily available nowadays, ranging from the widely-used application software to the tailor-made software, which is especially made for large corporations. Even though it is an intangible product it is contained in a tangible format. Compact discs are generally used to store software which can be bought and used by anyone to access the said software. Compact discs are made of plastic and vulnerable to damage. If the surface of the disc is scratched the software becomes unusable as the computer is not able to read it from the disc. Protecting the disc containing the software is essential and while CDs come in plastic casing, even those are risky since dropping one can break the casing.

What is needed is increased protection. Another covering which would not only house the disc which contains the software, but also have room enough to include the manuals and details, along with the warranty for the software. Card stock boxes can be fashioned into any style, from the simple retail tuck-in box style to the more secure locking mailer style. The choice is unlimited. Inserts are also important since most software have accessories along with them as well. Compartment or inserts to contain the CD jacket along with the various booklets, cards etc are important as they help keep everything in place and prevent the contents of the box from moving about.

An extremely attractive aspect of customized boxes for software is the custom design option. A well-designed box not only keeps the product safe but acts as a billboard, an advertisement. It helps to get attention of the customer and can be used to graphically represent complex process a software is able to perform. So it acts as a communication device, and well-designed box can speak volumes about the product inside. Customers do not test out software before purchasing them, instead they judge the quality of the product by looking at the packaging and the brand name. A well-known brand will sell instantly and needs to be represented clearly on the box.

A cellophane window to give a peek of the product can be a good thing as well. Finally lamination, which can be matt, glossy or aqueous, depending upon the producer’s preference, is an essential component of the packaging. Lamination cover the box completely and gives it an impeccable final look.

The best nail polish box is therefore one that safely holds the nail polish, displays the brand name boldly and beautifully and one that immediately grabs attention.

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