Being eco-friendly has become an integral part of any business’ strategy. In fact, many business use the idea as their main marketing tool. Needless to say, the increased evidence showing harm to the environment as a result of human activity as well as a global realization that time has come to make a change, has led many people to look for environmentally safe products. A product which does the job and is eco-friendly is definitely preferred.

Packaging also falls under the category. Though plastic has been quite a popular packaging material, its popularity has seen a dip due to its environmentally harmful status. Plastic is non-bio degradable, meaning it does not simply gets broken down and decomposed. On the other end paper is a popular material, one that is decomposable as well. Cardboard boxes, milk cartons, corrugated shipping boxes and the like do not harm the environment in the way plastic does. However, there is a concern among users. Paper and paper products are made from trees, meaning excessive deforestation may result in an attempt to cater to the demand for paper products and packaging. Especially since people shift away from plastic in favor of cardboard.

The problem is there, yet it can be easily addressed. Eco-friendly boxes and packaging is definitely possible. Lots of packaging has ‘made from recycled paper’ message or logo. This means that no new trees were cut to produce the packaging, since already available paper was reprocessed and reused. Another way to avoid the problem is by planting more trees to offset impact of producing paper by cutting trees.

Customers seeking ethical and environmental packaging can easily be catered to. Recycled paper, which includes Kraft stock which is quite popular for packaging bakery products and used for making corrugated shipping boxes, is an excellent example. The Kraft stock is just as sturdy and flexible and can be used as is due to its distinct brown color, or customized printing can be employed. Recycled cardstock is just like normal cardstock and its use does not limit the customer at all. If a customer wishes to use recycled stock for customized boxes but also wants a customized design printed, that is not a problem. Eco-friendly boxes can be printed on nearly as easily as their non-recycled counterparts. CMYK off-set printing or Pantone matching can be done without much of a difference.

For people looking for paper packaging and customized boxes, that do not harm the environment Kraft stock is an excellent option. It provides the control you want when getting a customized product along with the guilt-free feeling of using something that will not harm the planet in any way.

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