Perfumes are the ultimate luxury item. A single bottle of a designer brand can set you back hundreds of dollars. The essence and the fragrance the liquid holds is highly sought after. It is an accessory which cannot be seen, but can only be sensed. With the increased demand for perfumes there has been a barrage of brands jumping on the bandwagon of creating the most pleasurable scent. Nearly every famous celebrity nowadays has a perfume or two out. Every designer brand has a range of perfumes. Given the impossible number of options available to customers it would not be wrong to conclude the simply creating an excellent scent is not enough. A customer may never get anywhere near to smell a good perfume simply due to the sheer number of alternatives available at each price level.

What exactly can be done to resolve the problem? Marketing is everything, specifically the packaging. To convince a customer to pick your perfume and smell it the box for the perfume needs to be extremely attractive. Fully customized perfume boxes that loyally represent the brand and its values is essential. A box sends a message to the customer about the type of product it holds. A high-end luxury perfume will have a sleek and sophisticated box, a perfume for the more easy-going, funky crowd will accordingly have a funky and cheerful box.

The uniqueness of customized boxes have become an essential ingredient for any product. For a luxury item like perfumes the individuality and personalization is all the more important. Customized boxes are an excellent way to not just package perfumes but to act as an extension of the product they package. They can be of any style, from the usual tuck-in to the more expensive two-piece style, the choice is immense, especially when the different printing options and laminations are taken into consideration. Material can range from the widely used 18 pt card stock to the sturdy stock. Many different printing options are also available in the market; from off-set printing to the Pantone color matching. No color or design is impossible which means brands can be as creative as they want with their box designs. Inside printing is becoming quite popular and is used to create a refined look. Foiling and embossing along with spot UV applied to key elements of the design, such as the logo, are becoming increasingly popular. These added features enhance the overall appearance of the boxes and make the customers stop in their tracks and take notice, which is the main aim of any sort of packaging.

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