Board games, card games, dice games, puzzles, strategy games, and even computer games. All come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; they all require boxes. Board games usually have many pieces from the actual board to the different accessories used to play the game. Games need to be contained in a box which is not just secure but functional as well. The box they come in becomes a storage device for the games since each box is custom-built to house the game inside. The dimensions of the boxes are customized according to the specific size of the game itself with the all its pieces taken into account.

Aside for the customized dimensions another major edge provided by customized boxes is the facility of providing inserts, compartments, or smaller boxes to contain the different pieces separately. This not only helps keep everything in its proper place but also prevents losing pieces of the game which can be really small at times.

And with customized boxes this is just the beginning. The outside of the boxes can be custom designed to make a more presentable and attractive product overall. Graphics and logos can be used to display the different aspects of the game and generate interest among potential buyers. Fun and colourfully designed boxes for kids’ games, while adult games can be accordingly designed to attract that particular demographic. So a more targeted and focused marketing strategy not only saves resources but is also more effective. The inclusion of a cellophane window is an excellent way of displaying the contents of any game. It gives a sneak peek of the product inside and lets the customer see what they are getting. Small boxes such as those for card games can have hang tabs to hang the box from a high place for a clear and prominent display.

An extremely attractive aspect of customized boxes for software is the custom design option. A well-designed box not only keeps the product safe but acts as a billboard, an advertisement. It helps to get attention of the customer and can be used to graphically represent complex process a software is able to perform. So it acts as a communication device, and well-designed box can speak volumes about the product inside. Customers do not test out software before purchasing them, instead they judge the quality of the product by looking at the packaging and the brand name. A well-known brand will sell instantly and needs to be represented clearly on the box.

All in all the box is an integral part of not just the packaging of a game but also its marketing. It plays an important role in giving a visual representation of the game and in the process convincing a customer to choose a particular game.

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