Gift boxes are becoming more and more common as the trend to dress up the packaging for a gift is on the rise. Beautifully presented and packaged gifts are all the rage, especially in the age of social media. People want to share beautiful pictures on social media websites, the likes of Pinterest and Instagram. It is no longer the inside that matters but also the outside.

How a gift is packaged matters just as much as the actual gift. There are a number of different styles available. From the gable style to the locking mailer, any style is possible. A customized box for gifting is the perfect way of personalizing a gift further. Customization is a really straightforward method, one that may seem intimidating at the beginning. The process starts with selecting a style of box, and there is a range to choose from. The decision depends on the type of gift and the personal preference of an individual. Nowadays even intricate designs, like laser cut details, are available as an option. Gable style, tote style, envelope style, are all popular due to their aesthetics and practicality.

Next comes the dimensions which are primarily dictating by the gift itself. The size of the gift determines the size of the box in turn. A comfortable and snug fit is mostly desired, a too small box will not sufficiently cover the product inside and a too big one will just not hold everything in place properly. So sizing out the box really depends on the product inside. Once the style and dimensions are set, the type of material must be determined. Material of the box must compliment the other elements, like a really large box must be made out of a sturdy enough material to hold the box. But again there is a lot choice available. The weight of the stock, how strong or how flexible is it, is just the tip of the iceberg. Customers can also go for more high-end stock types, like linen stock, or for the very luxurious gifts even a sturdy stock which is used for making pre-assembled boxes.

The outside design has no bounds either, from the just one color on the outside minimalistic option to the 4/4 printing, meaning full color printing inside and out. The CMYK print technology has enable the use of any combination of colors. For the more specific colors Pantone color matching can be sued to achieve the desired results. Add-ons like die cut windows, embossing, foiling etc are also part of customization which will render the box even more attractive. The designing process is definitely made more complicated and interesting due to the availability of such a huge number of different options. Finally comes the finish. Whether you want an elegant satin finish or a flashier affair, the finish provides an essential amount of protection for the box itself. Ultimately the coming together of all these elements of box design produce customized box which may prove to be a gift in itself, rather than a container for one.

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