Custom display boxes are truly versatile and very functional. Be it edibles, toys, candies, candles, or simply anything, a customized display box is necessary for every type of product. They vary drastically in sizes and even styles depending upon the nature of the product. You must have seen huge floor displays or smaller counter top ones.

It doesn’t really matter what the product is, the essential purpose of a display box never changes. It is supposed to attract the buyers. Which means that they must be eye catching and attractive. A well-designed box will not be enough, sure it will be practical and functional, but to stand out custom display boxes need something unique.

Color and its importance:

One way to make custom display boxes more attractive and make them stand out is through the use of color. Color is really important as it impacts our brains through our sense of sight. It is one of the most basic senses and is second only to our sense of smell in terms of the speed with which our brain registers it. Humans are simple creatures. They are stimulated by visual schema. A lot of the times what we buy is dictated less by logic and more by whim. When it comes to visual representation, color is critical. Food, it is said, is first devoured by the eyes and then the mouth. Which is why chefs try to perfect the flavour and aroma as well as the aesthetic quality of their creations. Contrasting colors and vibrant, complementary hues are what provide food and various products their visually appealing quality.

Color for custom display boxes work in a similar manner. There is a very deep reasoning behind the use of color which ingrained in hard science. Let us look at the scientific aspect of color and how it is able to make people buy certain products and leave others.

The color associations have been cemented so well in our brains that they have become second nature to us. Just by looking at the colors on the outside of a box lets us know what sort of a product it will be or who is the target audience. The magic of colors and how they are used is truly unique.

Use of color in marketing:

Part of marketing products is the packaging. A consistent color story should be continued onto the packaging as well to tie-in the entire marketing mix. Packaging should be about the box size and style as well as the design of the printing. With printing aside from the written content and the logo, the colors are key. This is because before a customer even reads the lettering on the box, the first thing they see are the colors. If the colors are appealing only then will the customer be intrigued to inspect the product further and make a decision regarding buying it or not.

Colors for custom display boxes:

Display boxes are unique in terms of packaging as they serve a dual purpose. They are supposed to protect the product and provide it covering, yet they must also be able to draw the eye of the customer. This is why the colors for a custom display box are so important. Here are a few things to remember when selecting the colors for your custom display box: Ask yourself who is our target consumer base?

Since certain colors are linked to certain genders and age groups and personality types, businesses must define the target market for a more focused approach. This exercise will also help shape the brand identity. Defining the brand:

The branding should be consistent with the targeted consumer base. If it’s a high-end product being targeted to the more well-off customers, then the brand must reflect the values that such consumers hold dear. Branding is the entire identity of the brand, of which the color theme is just one part. Be unique or follow trends?

This again entirely depends upon the type of product and the demographic being targeted. Certain group of people, like teenagers or young adults, may really want to stand out and not conform to the trends. While a more mature group may want to hop onto the latest trend, like rose gold or coral which have been quite popular in the recent years. Color story:

Also once you select the colors make sure they are either complimentary and enhance each other, or contrasting and lets each so every single one of them stands out. Just make sure that the color story makes sense and goes along with the overall branding of the product. You can even use the color theory to select a theme for your custom display box. When it comes to custom display boxes, looks matter and the colors selected are a huge part of the overall aesthetic of the box. So next time you are designing or ordering your custom display box remember the importance of color and how it can make or break your product.

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