Nail Polishes come in every shade under the sun. Be it metallic, matt, glossy, or glittery, nail polishes have evolved to become a staple make-up product. High-end, luxury manicures costing hundreds of dollars are in vogue. Even the bottles in which the lacquer is placed are have become more varied and unique. So this leads us to the most important aspect of nail polish packaging, the box.

Nail polish boxes are the first thing a potential customer sees, and in an industry which thrives on outside beauty the outside packaging is everything. Call it judging by the book by its cover, but it is the way customers select their choice of nail polish. It is the box that communicates whether the product inside is high-quality, or not. Customers associate the qualities of the nail polish boxes with that of the actual nail polish inside. And just like the increased variety of nail polishes now readily available, their boxes also now come several different shapes and forms.

Gone are days of standardized goods, customizations is what is desired by everyone. And nail polish boxes are no different. If a company is to set its product apart and represent its brand then the box is the very first step. Being the first thing a customer sees, the box plays an important part in enticing a customer to actual pick up the product and examine it further before making a decision whether to buy or not. In today’s world, where consumers have to make a selection from thousands of different products the decision can be an overwhelming experience. Brands have to face cut throat competition just to survive. In such an environment uniqueness is key. The box must be unique enough to be eye-catching.

To be unique and attractive a box needs to well-designed and well-constructed. A suitable material, which is sturdy enough to hold the product inside securely yet thin enough to be easily bent into shape and use, is essential. Next up is the printing which has to represent the product inside as truly as possible. The brands has to be displayed clearly and logos and emblems along with the tag line should appear in a vivid manner. Being a makeup product the additional details, such as; ingredients, directions, etc need to be present on the box in compliance with government policies.

Additional features, such as metallic foiling, embossing, cellophane window are all excellent ways to raise the bar when it comes to designing a nail polish box. And the, like the final coat of nail polish, the lamination seals the deal. The lamination performs the dual function of protecting the box as well as the printing and also of giving a nice polished (no pun intended) finish to whole packaging.

The best nail polish box is therefore one that safely holds the nail polish, displays the brand name boldly and beautifully and one that immediately grabs attention.

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