Seeing those fancy displays on your favourite beauty guru can really tempt a person to get expensive make-up organizers. They are perfect for holding all kinds of make-up products like blushes, highlighters, lipsticks, make-up brushes, eye-pencils, and many more. But if you think that dolling out a whole lot of cash just to get a container for your make-up products is the only way to get a good display on your beauty table, then you are mistaken. Forget the expensive acrylic displays that are tedious to clean and maintain. You can make your very own make-up organizer by recycling old cardboard boxes.

Yes, you heard that right, cardboard boxes. Most things we buy nowadays come in cardboard boxes. But once we start to use the products inside, the boxes are just tossed to the side only to end up in the bin. Not only that is a waste of resources, it is a huge missed opportunity only if you knew the things you could create using cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes-a brief overview:

Cardboard boxes are a truly underrated item. Custom-made to fit any product, even edibles, cardboard boxes come in every shape and size imaginable. You must go through at least removing one cardboard box on a daily basis. But aside from being an excellent packaging option, cardboard boxes are great for DIY projects. Be it for kids or even for yourself, homemade goods created out cardboard boxes cost near to nothing and involve recycling things which would have otherwise gone to waste.

Custom cardboard creations are also a creative hobby you can do with your kids and it costs next to nothing. The kids learn while creating and get to make practical things. It’s a win-win situation, really. You can make anything under the sun with custom cardboard boxes, from airplanes to dollhouses. Today, however, we will focus on making make-up organizers out of cardboard boxes.

A step by step approach to making make-up organizers out of custom cardboard boxes:

Plan ahead:

The very first step is planning ahead. Decide which make-up items you want to place in your organizer. Maybe just the ones you reach for on a regular basis, the rest you can store in drawer someplace.

Once you have finalized the products that your organizer will contain, categorize them. It is better to group the same type of products together, like all highlighters, or arrange them according to their shape and packaging, like eye and blush palettes. Just ensure that once arranged it will be easy for you to use the products.

Get you materials together:

Now is the time to collect all those discarded cardboard boxes. Try to find really sturdy ones and don’t forget to get a corrugated one to use as the base. Other things you will need include; a cutter, to custom cut any box to fit your organizer design; a really strong glue that dries clear; and acrylic paints as well as any sort of decoration you might like, this includes glitter, diamantes, even stickers. Acrylic paint is good as it will create a smooth base for further decoration and hide the custom printing on the cardboard boxes. But the other reason why it is perfect is that it will add layer of sturdiness, as the acrylic dries as a hard shell. Rendering the finished organizer even more protection.

Make a rough prototype:

Before you start cutting and gluing things together, collect all the boxes and sketch out a rough shape for your organizer. You do not need actually sketch it out just have the basic structure in mind. Now, without cutting or pasting anything, attempt to make that basic structure as best as you can. At this stage you are really figuring out which box will go where and you are allowed to err. This is the model part of the project and you can change things up if something doesn’t look right.

Start the construction process:

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