Lipstick in an essential part of any make-up look. So much so that any look is incomplete without a painted lip. Gone are the days when women use to apply a shade of pink or, for the bolder ones, red and called it a day. Over time this simple piece of cosmetic has undergone an evolution of sorts. Different colors, hues, shades, textures, finish, etc have meant that this simple cosmetic product has much more to it than meets the eye. The amount to choice available and the colors present runs in the thousands. It is an impossible list to cover. One can even say that lipsticks are becoming more and more customized to suit the tastes and preferences of an increasingly discerning customer base. Women take into consideration a number of things before choosing the shade they think is perfect for them. They test out lipsticks to see whether they go well with a particular skin tone or not, whether the color is ‘in’ or not, has a famous celebrity endorsed a specific shade, how well does the lipstick apply and how long does it last. Essentially buying a tube of lipstick is no child’s play.

Aside from the variation in the product itself; that is lipsticks, even the tubes they come in have become increasingly innovative. From the standard tube to thick crayons, even lip gloss packaging for liquid lipsticks. The varying designs cater to a varying amount of likes and tastes. Simply having a good shade of lipstick is not enough. How the product is packaged and presented is a key element as well. Products in general and cosmetic products in particular, since they strive to help achieve outer beauty, need to be as attractive as possible.

This leads us, naturally, to the very first layer of packaging for any type of lipstick, the box. The box is in many ways the most important type of packaging a company must develop since it is the very first thing a customer sees. In addition to that, most lipstick tubes are made of plastic which can become damaged if a tube is dropped or mishandled. The box prevents this damage by protecting the tube inside and as a result the lipstick. So it not only protects the product but also projects the image that the company wants for its products.

A customized box made out of a good card stock which is well-designed is really important. The size of the box is important since lipsticks come in a number of sizes and shapes nowadays. Standard is out and customization is in. Women want to feel unique and pampered, the ordinary will just not do the trick anymore. Companies have come up with out-of-the-box packaging and the box itself needs to reflect that uniqueness. Even the material for the box has many different options from the more flexible 16 pt card stock to the heavier 18 pt card stock. Companies can even go for the recycled Kraft stock to give a message that they are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Finally, the designing. It has to be reflective of the product it holds and needs to be well-thought out. The design should clearly portray the brand so it is instantly recognized. The colors, the logo, and even the symbols that are associated with a brand should be incorporated in the design of the box. Aside from the stylistic aspect the design must perform the practical purpose of stating the ingredients, the expiration date etc.

One major aspect is the depiction of the shade of lipstick on the box. The development of Pantone color matching has truly revolutionized this aspect of the designing. Any color can now be rendered on the outside of the box as accurately as possible. This helps consumers make an informed decision about the cosmetic product they are buying. In short, a well-made customized lipstick box helps to promote the brand and sell the lipstick, it also helps the consumers in making the right decision.

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