Shoe boxes are easily recognizable. They primarily come in two types of designs; the two-piece box, with a bottom and a lid, and a one-piece box with an attached lid. In both cases the boxes are shaped in a way to contain shoes and protect them against dust and daily wear and tear. Shoe boxes usually come in standard sizes for males, females, and children shoes, yet the trend towards more customizable shoe boxes has been on the rise.

With the increase in the range of shoes and the sizes they are available in, the need for customized shoe boxes to hold has also risen dramatically. Companies are now catering to odd-sizes, from the very large to the very small-sized shoes. The packaging, therefore, needs to reflect these non-standard sizes. Aside from the dimensions, as customizable boxes offer a much greater choice in terms of the designing of the boxes, many shoemakers are now opting for customized boxes. Not just high-end shoes, but also the medium-priced shoes are getting an uplift with beautifully designed customized boxes. Since a pair of shoe reflects the wearer’s personality and people invest a lot of time into deciding which shoe to purchase, it is no surprise that shoemakers are becoming increasingly aware of the discerning nature of their clients. Customers are becoming more and more picky and do not simply judge a product on its own individually. They seek a well-packaged, functional product which conforms to their individual style. The need to stand-out and appear unique is now greater than ever, considering the amount of choice available to potential buyers.

The way to attract customers is to develop a brand name, an identity. This brand name speaks volumes to the customer, without actually saying much. They simply use their logo and tagline which are well-known and instantly recognizable. Top shoe brands have developed identities for themselves and carved a niche in the market as a whole by catering to specific group of individuals with like needs and interests.

To further the brand’s image and consolidate that identity packaging is essential. Packaging communicates in a subtle way the message of the brand as a whole. By displaying the logos, tagline, and other associated items as a part of the design for the box the brand can be encompassed in every aspect of the product. Shoes can be sold in a simple standard box, or an especially designed, custom-built boxes. With a well-designed box retailers can better reach the target market and avoid unnecessary marketing costs. Customized boxes for shoe are becoming more and more in demand, due to the freedom of choice they offer in terms of the size and design, as well as in enhancing the brand name of the product. More than a package, boxes nowadays are marketing tool.

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