Chocolate. It is one of the most popular flavors in the world. It comes in different shapes and forms, from bars and snacks to the high-end creations. With chocolate the possibilities are unlimited. It is an expression of love, a gift, a promise, and even associated with festivals such as Easter and Hanukkah. It holds a significant position and has special meaning at certain occasions, like on Valentine’s Day giving or receiving chocolates is seen as a universal expression of love. It is an unspoken declaration, since actions speak louder than words.

What can add to luxury off this smooth confection? A custom designed box. These delicate delicacies need to be encased and protected against the elements. Being an edible product it is important that the packaging is made out of food safe material and is compliant with the health and safety standards defined by the government. Aside from this the box must be presentable and be reflective of the luxury the product promises to deliver.

Any style of the box can be chosen ranging from the gift-style two-piece box to the one-piece book-style with a magnetic closure. High-end chocolate boxes should be made out of sturdy material, which is expensive, yet give a sophisticated feel and are perfect for the high quality of the chocolates they contain. Since luxury chocolates come in bite-sized pieces they require an insert, maybe a removable tray with compartments to keep all the pieces safely separate and well- displayed.

More reasonably priced chocolates can be packaged in beautiful boxes as well. Cardboard material which is very resilient and flexible, yet economical as well is used for packaging low to medium-priced chocolates. Again various style options are available with the tuck-in retail style being a very popular option along with the telescoping and even drawer style of boxes. Inserts are necessary not only to keep the chocolates in place but also prevent it from touching the actual box too much. This is not only hygienically better but also prevents the boxes from becoming too messy which is always a good thing.

Designing for the boxes is key. Use of fun or chic colors, foiling, embossing and clearly displayed brand name are a given. A picture of the beautiful chocolates inside to further tantalize the senses and grab the attention of consumer is a great strategy as well. The designing, however, should not be limited to the outside of the box. Inside printing to enhance the look of the product inside is important as well. The inside printing of the box, even in a single color, gives an expensive and polished look. Something extremely desirable especially in the case of chocolates which are usually used as gifts to loved ones. The person receiving it must feel special and honored and what better way to communicate this fact then to deliver the sweet dessert in carefully crafted customized boxes. A matte or glossy finish to seal the deal and add to the overall look of the box is like a cherry on top of a cake that is a well-design customized box. It is just not enough to have delicious chocolates, they must be presented in a way that convey the love that is meant to be expressed in the gifting of those chocolates.

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