Gift boxes are a must when giving a gift to someone. The extra packaging gives the receiver that the gift is more special than if it is given without the box. There a lot of wholesale gift boxes, but as they are not customized they simply do not give the personalized vibe that custom gift boxes give.

You can get customized gift boxes or you can customized the generic gift boxes available in the market. The choice is yours.

With customization, everything is easy. You specify the dimensions you want and these will depend on the gift you will be giving. Then you design the artwork that will go on the outside of the box. Further customization options include the style of the boxes, the finish, and any extra design features like metallic foiling or embossing.

In the case of wholesale gift boxes, however, you need to apply your creativity differently. Unlike customized gift boxes, you do not have the comfort of having a blank canvas or starting from scratch. Sometimes you need to work with what you have got.

However, a few simple steps can help you turn a plain and generic gift box into a piece of art. Listed below are the ways you can go about to jazz-up simple wholesale gift boxes:

Select an appropriate size:

This is a good starting point. Gift boxes, even generic ones, come in a number of different sizes. It really doesn’t make sense that you select a box based entirely on the style, because unless your gift fits into the box perfectly, having a box that is too small or too large will look really bad. Sometimes you can go for boxes that are slightly larger in size. If you really like the box style, but it happens to be a little big for the gift just add colored tissue papers or colourful stuffing. Not only will these take up space and keep the gift in place, but they also look really nice.

Go for plain boxes rather than heavily printed ones:

Gift boxes that are plain, like having a single solid color, are much better than the detailed and heavily printed ones. This is because comparatively plain boxes give you greater freedom to customize and add your personal touch to the gift box. A plain white box is great, in fact any solid color will do. Plain boxes are also slightly cheaper and select the color you want as your background, one you think will appeal to the person receiving the gift. Even a color that complements the gift inside will be great, as it shows you put a lot of thought into packaging as well as the actual gift.

Avoid textured stock boxes:

Textured stock may look great, but it is hard to customize. Ink and paint bleed easily and any sort of stickers you may want to apply to the outside of the box may not stick strongly enough. Since it poses limitations to the level of customization that can be achieved, textured boxes can be bothersome.

Try to get boxes without a finish:

This may sound counter intuitive. The finish of the box protects it from damage and gives a nice, clean look which is professional. However, since the finish acts like a seal it reduces your ability to write or draw on the actual box surface, unless it is done with a special pen. To protect the image or design you add you can always use tacky plastic sheets.

Unleash your inner artist:

Now that you have got your plain gift box, be creative. You can go all out. You can paint an image or perhaps stencils the recipient’s initials. There are no rules really. An easier way is using stickers or colored masking tapes to create patterns and designs. Use of gold or silver ink can give a foiled effect and look really high-end and sophisticated. For kids, the box may have the stickers of their favorite character on top.

Don’t forget the inside:

Even if you have to choose a box that has lamination, or one that has designing on the outside, you will always have the inside of the box. You customize the inside by having a personalized message written or initials of names. Even a sweet poem or a hand drawn image. All of these will reflect the amount of effort that you put into customizing the otherwise standard gift box and give a very nice impression. Ultimately, you do not have to spend a lot of cash to make a custom gift box. Sometimes all you need a standard box which can be personalized and turned into that perfect gift box.

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