The practicality of cardboard boxes:

Cardboard boxes are without a doubt the number of material for packaging purposes. They are easily customizable, very sturdy, and extremely affordable. Another important thing is that they are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable. You can even get custom cardboard boxes out of recycled stock. Custom cardboard boxes are fully customizable and provide complete protection. A variety of stock options are also available, so you can go for the corrugated stock for shipping purposes and pre-assembled stock for more high-end boxes.

The versatility of cardboard cigarette boxes:

There are many different styles of cardboard boxes. In fact, cardboard is such a malleable material that it can be shaped into any form. Even unconventional forms of boxes can be made. Hexagonal, cylindrical and other such shapes can be made to create new styles of boxes. These create greater interest and make distinct and memorable boxes. Attention grabbing boxes are an excellent way to effectively market products. One type of style that is also becoming quite popular is the cigarette box style. It is a special style of box which is very well-constructed. Cigarette boxes are also very sturdy and have a unique structure that add an extra dimension to the overall packaging.

If you think that cigarette boxes are only suitable for cigarettes then you are seriously mistaken. You can order any size when it comes to cigarette style boxes.

Why such boxes are perfect for cigarettes?

Cigarettes have a certain taste and smell. They are best when they are fresh and kept air tight. Cigarette boxes are perfect for packaging cigarettes. The top flap securely closes on top and if you wish to take out a cigarette you simply flip open the cardboard box and simply take out a slide out one cigarette. Since cigarettes are long and slender they need a box which is tall enough to contain them without the problem of all the cigarette slipping out every time you open the box. This makes such boxes perfect for cigarettes. These cardboard boxes close securely and lock-in place so even when you put the box in a bag or you pocket you need not worry about the box opening up and spilling all the contents out.

Other uses for cigarette boxes:

When it comes to style, however, cardboard cigarette boxes are not just for cigarettes like mentioned above. Cardboard boxes are easily customizable, so you can change the dimensions however you want while keeping the style that of the cigarette boxes. Cigarette cardboard boxes can be used for items which are quite tall and need packaging to keep everything securely inside. Following are just a few items, aside from cigarettes, which are perfect for cigarette boxes:


Candy, and specifically pokey sticks, are long and slender and would greatly benefit from being encased in a box that resembles a cigarette box. The box will be air tight once closed and will keep the candy inside fresh for longer periods of time.


Stationery items like pencils and pens re great items to put in a cigarette box. From a pack of a dozen you will want to use just one, and pulling one out of a cigarette box is quick and easy. You can even replace the pen or pencil back in the box when done.

Business cards:

The flip top is perfect for placing business cards. The box will protect the cards and retrieving one will be easy. The flip top box, as cigarette boxes are technically called, can be fully customized for a more personal feel.

Sewing kits:

Small, travel-sized sewing kits can be placed inside cardboard flip top boxes. For a sewing kit making the box wider and thinner would be a good idea. Again, a little bit of customization will go a long way.

Getting custom cardboard cigarette boxes:

Getting a fully customized cigarette box made is simpler than you can imagine. Most custom printing companies that specialize in packaging can produce any style of box. This includes the cigarette box. You can select and personalize every single characteristic when it comes to ordering custom cardboard boxes. And the process is really simple. It may appear pretty daunting but most printing companies will guide you in a way that will make the whole process straightforward.

Once the price quote has been received, you can as for a template if you have your design ready. Fitting the design on a template can be tricky. This is because the template is presented flat with all the different panels opened up. You might need the help of a designer at this point or a lot of custom box producing companies have the facility to provide designing services as well. Once the design is submitted, you will receive a digital mock-up and if you are still not sure about what the box will look like once it is done you can always order a prototype sample. Prototype samples are not free of cost but are the best way to judge the final look of your custom cigarette box before the full run.


Finally, the choice of the box style depends entirely your personal preference and the type of product. Selecting a cigarette box is a great choice for a number of different products, some of which are mentioned above. The cardboard box is very practical and has a lot of different functions, especially when it comes to products that are tall and slender as well as products that need to be kept securely inside.

Cigarette cardboard boxes have seen quite a rise in popularity and DIY uses for these well-made boxes have meant that a lot of people are seeking to get cigarette boxes. The flip top box is not just for cigarette, you can use them for a whole variety of purposes.

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