Custom display boxes are the best way to showcase your product and grab the attention of the customer. Medicine, candy, e-liquid, and absolutely anything and everything under the sun can be displayed prominently and clearly using a customized display box.

Their versatility and the fact that they can be fully customized to suit any type of product is a distinguishable feature which makes display boxes very practical. There are a number of different styles one can choose from. Pop-up displays provide the advantage of having a header which can be used to clearly display the design and product in a way that stands out from the rest by getting an edge in terms of height. These are very popular as the header can contain the design and be seen without being hindered by the presence of the product in the box section below.

Another variation of the display box is the custom-cum-retail style which is essentially a retail style box but can be assembled to form a display box. These types of boxes are extremely useful when the products need to be shipped out from the production facility in an enclosed box which can later be assembled to form a display box at the retail outlet. Generally these are made out of corrugated stock as shipping is involved and corrugated stock is sturdier than normal card stock, making it perfect for shipping. To make the display box even more conspicuous sometimes tiers can be added. Multiple-tiered display boxes can be used to display not only a greater quantity of a product, but also different varieties within the same product range. For example, a multiple-tier display box can be used to display different flavors of tea or coffee in a single display box, with each tier containing a separate flavor.

Due to its customizable nature, display boxes can be as personalized and tailor-made as possible. Something which is highly desirable in a time when product are defined by the brands they represent. Each brand has a personality and a presence. One way companies augment that brand image is by packaging their products appropriately. The box is the heart of that packaging and a lot of thought and resources go into the designing of the not-so humble box. Great attention is paid in selecting the material, like mentioned above the corrugated stock is quite sturdy yet lacks the flexibility and weightlessness provided by the card stock options. Display boxes must be flexible enough to be easily assembled, yet sturdy enough to contain the product and stand upright. Similarly design is the key, since it is what the customer sees first. A well-designed box is creative, eye-catching and contains just the right amount of information. Design needs to in sync with the brand image so customers can associate the two easily. A youth-centered brand must have colorfully designed box, whereas a brand for a more mature age group must have a sophisticated looking box. The image is everything.

Finally display boxes should be fully laminated, as they are usually placed on counter-tops and in open places where they have to bear a lot of wear and tear. Lamination protects the cardboard material of the boxes and gives a polished finished to the box. Lamination options available include glossy, matte, aqueous and the more specialized spot UV. Whatever the design, whatever the product a good display box is the ultimate marketing tool. It is the first step in attracting the customers, especially when it comes to impulsive purchases.

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