Display boxes are the really useful. They create a beautiful display that make your product look more appealing. Customized display boxes come in variety of styles. The dimensions, style and any other sort of customization depends entirely upon the products in question.

A lot of companies go to great lengths to create their very own display boxes. The entire purpose of display boxes is to stand out from the crowd and divert the customers’ attention towards the product. You must have seen gigantic display boxes which are multi-tier. These are specifically made to grab attention. The multi-tier also enables producers to place different flavors or types of the same product.

Pop-up display boxes are also becoming quite popular. The header on top ‘pops up’ and this provides the perfect place to list the most important features of your product. Since custom boxes are not the actual packaging of the product, information that is required by law, like ingredients, dietary instructions etc., do not have to be placed on the custom display box. This way custom display boxes form an excellent canvas for marketing the product. There are no limits to what you can add or remove from the content on the custom display boxes.

Being so practical custom display boxes require a lot of thought and creativity. But one that is often overlooked is the material. Since custom display boxes differ in their fundamental purpose to, say, retail boxes, they do require special attention. You cannot simply use the same material as any other box to construct display boxes.

Here are just some of the reasons why the sturdiness of the display boxes matter:

Custom display boxes go through a lot of wear and tear:

Unlike the packaging for your product, custom display boxes are openly displayed. They need to be placed on shelves or window displays of convenience stores. This means that the display boxes get exposed to a lot of damage in the form of touch. They get touched or grazed a lot. Also, display boxes may be knocked over and fall which can damage them. If the material isn’t thick enough the sides can curl up easily which is not a good look at all. The edges may become rough and frayed as well.

The header needs to stand upright:

Most display boxes have a header. Since pop-up displays are very eye-catching, the header of the display box is really the star of the box. It needs to be well-made and strong enough that it stands upright, no matter how much the length is. Having a good-sized header is ideal, but it just won’t look good if the box is made out of flimsy card stock. And while the rest of the box may look fine since it has support on all sides and the bottom, the header will be the most problematic part as it has no such support. So, the header in particular relies entirely on the strength of the card stock to remain in an upright position.

Custom boxes carry more products:

When it comes to multi-tier custom display boxes the size is generally quite large. Some maybe floor displays. Because these are so big and showcase a number of different products, they must be strong. The retail or custom box for individual products can be made out of card stock of normal thickness. However, as display boxes may carry many units of the product the weight they carry is much more. Basically, the display box must be tested out for whether it can withstand the added weight and remain upright, while looking good at the same time.

Strength for the multi-tier display:

Having many levels or tiers also means that the boxes must have added support in the form of extra material which flexible yet strong. Multi-tier display boxes are generally made out of very strong cardboard material as they are usually very big and carry a lot of weight. Each level or tier must be strong enough to carry the weight of the products. A multi-tier display box is pretty useless if the tiers do not stand on their own.

Choosing the material:

So do not try to cut corners or save money on the material. With any box, but custom display boxes specifically, the material is very important. The whole construction and look of the box depends on the material and how well it stands on its own. Remember to do your research and getting a prototype sample made to test out the durability and staying power of the box is always a good idea. It is an investment but one that you will not regret.

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